5 Hacks to Stay Productive when Working from Home

One of the biggest questions I’m asked is how on earth do I manage working from home some days. Initially it wasn’t easy. It was definitely an adjustment. Well it still sort of is. Every time I turn my head something catches my eye and screams procrastination. *mom if you’re reading this skip over this piece…. aka my laundry that I’ve been meaning to do for two weeks…

So for the last two months I’ve been trying a few different methods to make sure I stay productive throughout the day when I’m working from home. Hopefully some of my hacks will help you if you work from home or decide to study from home rather than the library. 

Implement A Routine 

DO NOT SLEEP IN! I know it totally sucks to read that, but if you’re like me you’ll probably still wake up at the same time as if you were going into the office. So get up at the same time, make your AM coffee or tea, shower, and change out of those comfy PJs. 

It’s totally fine to maybe do things a little different, but it’s wicked imparative to stick with a routine because it helps your brain realize you’re in work mode *like YEAH we’re going to still slay the day, even though we’re working from home!*

Get Out 

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you need to stay at home. Grab your laptop and head out to your local coffee shop, library, or co-working space.

A small change in scenery can seriously do some wonders for you *and obv your work*

Use Apps That Stop You From Procrastinating

This is where I put in the most work. There are a ton of apps out there that can help set limits on when or how much you use certain apps and ones that will block websites. I honestly wish I had used some of these during college. Probably would have cut down on some of those late nights in the library. 

My favorite website blocking app is called Freedom. While this site requires you to pay, you can get a free seven day trial. It gives you the option to block not just a few sites or a few apps, but rather the whole internet if you really are that bad at blocking out distractions *I can be*. You are able to sync blocks across all your devices and can do advanced scheduling.

If you’re looking for a free app that is simple then I recommend downloading Self Control. The only con about this app is it’s only available for Macs *womp womp womp*. 

My final recommendation is PomoDone. It allows you to work completely uninterrupted on one task for a set amount of time and gives you timed breaks. Similar to Freedom, you do need to sign-up for a paid subscription, but I genuinely found it to be worth it. I’m an analytical person, so when I found out that PomoDone tracks your workflow and gives you the data *think: how long tasks take and length of breaks*, I was like alright I dig it! 

I honestly found that the above apps were really helpful with keeping me on track and helped me knock things off my list. 

Create A Reward System 

I am all about self rewarding. Every time you complete a task or when you work for a straight hour, reward yourself. You can honestly do anything. Grab a cup of coffee, scroll through Instagram *I would set a timer on this one!!*, make a snack or if you have a pet *I’m making this happen in April* go snuggle or play with it. 

Ultimately, it helps the brain stay focused on the task at hand. 

Prioritize Your To Do List

So this section is going to be short because I have another post in the works specifically for tackling your to do list when it’s overwhelming. If you know me or have seen any of my notebooks, you’ll know that I have lists on the majority of the pages… Oops! 

Best way to prioritize is to pick 3 tasks that you have to get done. Like you really need to get them done. By the end of the day you’ll feel wicked great about getting through 3 major things rather than looking down and seeing you still have a dozen smaller items to cross off. Google Keep is my favorite task manager app. I use that, but also write my lists down *I like pen and paper… I’m an old person at heart*

I really hope that this helps any of you that are working from home or are looking for ways to not be distracted while writing that term paper or studying for exams. I would love to hear what any of you do to keep your days productive when working from home!



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