5 Reasons a Skin-Care Routine is Good for Your Mental Health

It’s a known thing that humans work better with a routine, and when you’re fighting off blemishes, they’ll respond much better if you make time for your skin daily, instead of when you have time for it.

If you do one thing in the COVID-19 era, let it be a pandemic skin-care routine. Committing to and following a routine that will help the health of your largest organ *aka your skin* will provide structure *literally and figuratively* that benefits your psychological well-being.

This has always been my first *and BIGGEST* step in my self-care routine and I emphasize that to anyone who asks what I do for self-care that’s not meditation or yoga related. I’ve always looked at my skin as a way to check in with my body’s internal health. If my skin looks and feels great, I most likely feel just as good. But when that isn’t the case, I can promise you I don’t feel so hot.

1. A Skin-Care Routine Provides Stability in Your Day that Benefits Your Mental Health

The biggest change for every. single. person. is the transition from being out all day to being home 24/7. Without realizing it right away, we’ve lost the structure and routine of our days. Many of those routines include healthy eating habits, exercise, and skin care. These routines, that you’ve worked really hard at creating, are critical to your overall health. *mind and body*

These routines feel amazing and act as a comforting force in your life, providing an anchor to your day and serving as a strong point of stability in your week. If you break it down each day, you probably feel like you’ve accomplished something before the clock hits 8AM and you’re sending out your first email.

Now more than ever, especially because of COVID-19, it’s vitally important to maintain some routines during the week, otherwise your days blend into each other and you’ve removed any separation you’ve created between your home life and your work life.

Creating a skin care routine will help establish other good routines, that also have a positive impact on your mental health.

2. Focus on Doing Something Nice for Yourself Helps Stop a “Spiral”

The act of caring for your skin provides an opportunity for mindfulness. If you’ve watched or attended any of my mindfulness sessions, you already know that emphasize how mindfulness is NOT just about meditation. Mindfulness is when you make the conscious effort to focus on sensations you’re experiencing in the present moment without passing judgement (the sooth feel of warm water for example). This has been shown to buffer depression and anxiety by stopping worry and rumination.

Sometimes, without realizing it at first, certain times of the day can trigger intrusive thoughts. These thoughts can easily be broken by a skin-care routine, whether it’s before you pour your first cup of coffee or before you get into bed. When you’re engaged in an activity, including washing, toning, and moisturizing your face that you can get out of your head and focus on what you’re doing.

3. Daily Pampering Triggers a Cascade of Chemicals in Your Brain to Boost Your Mood

Create a routine that feels good and includes products that you genuinely enjoy using. Sometimes taking the few extra minutes to use the eye roller to apply your eye cream is worth it. Don’t ever underestimate the impact of something as simple as using a jade roller to apply your eye cream or facial moisturizer.

Caring for your skin during quarantine should give you something to look forward to. Whether you look forward to apply using your jade roller *clearly that’s my favorite thing to use* or you pick a specific day where you go all out – brew your favorite tea, put on your favorite face mask and sit back to watch your favorite movie.

The next time you embark on your day and realize you didn’t do a full skin-care routine, I want you to notice how your body feels when you sit down at your desk. Then I want you to set a reminder to make sure you follow through with your routine the next morning. Jot down how you feel when you sit down to start your day.

Do you feel:
– happy
– confident
– accomplished
– prepared

Whatever you feel, take that feeling and continue to apply it throughout your day when you notice yourself feeling upset, discourage, or overwhelmed.

4. Skin-Care Allows for Quality Time with Loved Ones

In general, spending specific time with loved ones pursuing hobbies and enjoyable activities is linked to greater levels of happiness. However, in a time when it may feel as if you’re too close for comfort with other members of your household, you can carve our meaningful time together that will bolster your sense of personal satisfaction and family bond. Or maybe you haven’t gotten as much time with those who matter most to you – for example your girlfriends.

Maybe you still can’t get together or *like me* aren’t able to fly home yet. Well it’s easy to share your routine or share the day you’re doing a full self-care night. With less social interaction this might be easier than you think with getting all your friends together over Zoom.

You don’t need to purchase a case of new products to make this a fun experience. Instead, focus on the things you already have at home *I’ve linked my fav below* that you love and know make you feel good. Or maybe you look for some skin-friendly ingredients in your pantry for a DIY mask, like coconut oil, mashed avocado, or a milk compress and turn this into a fun DIY self-care night!

5. An Act of Kindness that Sends a Powerful Message

I think we can all agree that right now the world is a stressful place. Maybe you feel more comfort by watching TV late into the night *currently trying to break this habit* and then hop into bed without even splashing water on your face – because lets be real… You’re TOO TIRED. Yeah I’ve been there, we’ve ALL been there. But listen up – what if, instead, you focus on taking care of yourself in this small way *WOAH*. By spending five extra minutes to treat your skin, you’re sending a very simple message: “I’m worth it.” This feeling is the same feeling you get when you remember to make yourself coffee or have a few extra minutes to unload the dishwasher.

This shows your body that no matter how you are feeling, you’re going to show up for it. When you make the conscious effort to do this, you’ll start to see how your body reacts positively and shows up for you in a brilliant way.

Why Self-Care, including When it Comes to Your Skin, is So Important Now?

There are so many ways to practice self-care, but selecting one of them to focus your efforts on will allow for you to create a self-care routine in the future that encompasses all of your favorite ways.

I find that starting with improving your skin pays off faster and you don’t just see improvement in one area. You’ll see a huge difference in your mental and emotional health as well *just a reminder – this is pretty important during COVID-19*

Taking the time to nurture my skin affects my mind and body. I’ve noticed a huge boost in my confidence and gives me a sense of control over how my day will go. But remember – start with the basics. A skin-care routine does NOT need to be wicked complicated. You only need a few products – cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, spot treatment (if needed), and of course, sunscreen.

Hopefully these tips will convince you to start your own skin-care routine or you’ll start to fine tune the routine you already have in place. I would love to hear what you’re doing for your self-care routine!


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