Shoes that Make Commuting Easier

Ever wake up in the morning and know you’re definitely going to rock a pair of your fav heels with your outfit? Same. But then there’s the little person in my head saying, “You can’t commute on the subway in heels. There’s too much walking.” Yes- I’ll admit to shutting that voice down and wearing those heels door to door. But my joints 100% pay for it and I turn into the Blister Queen in less than 10 minutes. However, I’ve struggled to find shoes that checked off two important boxes: Style and Comfort. 

Well rest assured! I have spent the last year (literally) failing and finally succeeding in my search for the stylish/comfortable commuting shoe(s). Hopefully this list helps out many of you. I’ve included both high-end and budget friendly options. I would love to hear about what you’re wearing on your commute! 

Huge shout out to my girl Emily though for repping Cole Haan when we started working. I finally purchased myself a pair, and let me tell yah… they’re amazing. And not just the stylish looking sneakers that I now find every excuse to wear. 

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